10 Common Client Intake Blunders

And how SimplyConvert prevents law firms from making these mistakes

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About the eBook

Consumer expectations have changed. Today’s legal consumer has come to expect simple, straightforward, and instant access to products and answers – the kind of service they get from companies like Amazon, Uber, Netflix and GrubHub.

Yet many law firms today are still using tools and products developed to respond to legal clients in the early 2000s – tools that are merely stall tactics, delaying the consumer from getting what they really want: timely legal guidance.

In 10 Common Client Intake Blunders, SimplyConvert Founder and CEO Jessie Hoerman identifies client intake mistakes that law firms are still making and shows how the SimplyConvert platform addresses them. After reading this eBook, you’ll see how SimplyConvert can help you transform your client intake to become more client-centered, while engaging more clients and lowering intake costs.

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