Client Intake with Live Chat vs. SimplyConvert's Active Client Intelligence

A guide to understanding the client intake process with Live Chat versus SimplyConvert's criteria-based chatbot and client intake platform so you can make the right choice for your law firm’s website.

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Table of Contents

Part 1

Live Chat Support: A Bad First Impression for a Law Firm? 

Below is a real example of a live chat conversation with a potential client for a slip-and-fall injury. Keep in mind: this is the potential client's first interaction with the law firm. How would you perceive the conversation?

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Part 2

SimplyConvert's Instant Case Evaluator Helps You Meet Your Clients' Needs and Exceed Their Expectations

Now, take a look at the conversation between a potential client and SimplyConvert's Instant Case Evaluation chatbot. Notice the ease of communication and information gathering, which ultimately leads to a determination of whether or not the potential client qualifies for legal action.

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Part 3

An Incomplete Process: Live Chat Leaves You and Your Potential Clients Hanging

Live Chat leaves you and your staff with the burden of converting leads — leads that may not even be qualified. With SimplyConvert, you don’t have to sift through messages between a chat agent and a user. You’re able to qualify potential clients instantly.

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Part 4

How SimplyConvert's Client Intake Process Goes Above and Beyond

SimplyConvert's platform takes client intake from start to finish: qualifying clients with lawyer-created criteria, managing client details and communications in a law firm CRM, managing referrals, and helping you make strategic decisions for your business. 

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