2023 Trial Lawyers Summit

Miami Beach, FL | January 23-26, 2023

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About the 2023 Trial Lawyers Summit

The 2023 Trial Lawyers summit brings together the country's top plaintiff and criminal defense lawyers for a three-day conference. The 2023 Summit will be held in Miami Beach, FL on January 23-26 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. This summit is a unique networking opportunity for both experienced lawyers and lawyers looking to grow their firm and improve their trial strategies. Attendees have the freedom to choose which sessions they attend and the opportunity to connect with fellow attorneys at cocktail hours, luncheons and other events. Learn more and register for the summit here!

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Meet TruLaw at the National Trial Lawyers Summit

TruLaw, a partner company of SimplyConvert and The Search Engine Guys (TSEG), is proud to sponsor the 2023 National Trial Lawyers Summit. Our team will be attending the event and will be free to meet with those interested in learning more about our technology. Working with SimplyConvert, TruLaw aims to automate client intake for all types of law firms so that lawyers can stop worrying about their pipelines and focus more time on representing their clients. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free demo on the calendar feature below!

About TruLaw

Born out of a strategic partnership between SimplyConvert and The Search Engine Guys (TSEG), TruLaw offers comprehensive client acquisition services for personal injury law firms of all sizes. The partners in TruLaw have been a trusted source of legal information and legal marketing since 2008. Under this new partnership, our client outreach and management capabilities are stronger than ever. TruLaw covers client acquisition from SEO and multi-platform advertising outreach, to qualification, case management and ensures that in the end, victims are compensated for their injuries no matter the litigation. Our complete digital strategy optimizes how plaintiff law firms generate client inventories, combining SimplyConvert’s client intake and data management platform and TSEG’s outreach expertise.

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SimplyConvert is the complete client intake solution you've been dreaming about

Created by a lawyer fed up with not having the right technology to meet her firm’s client intake needs, SimplyConvert uses case criteria-based questions to turn chat conversations with your website visitors into signed clients. 

SimplyConvert's automation tools put every step of the intake process - from first conversation to signed contract - on autopilot.

  • Intake: Qualify leads with our all-knowing AI powered chatbot
  • Referrals: Refer cases with a click
  • CRM: Track every lead, from every source, in one place