Paraquat Litigation Insights

Statistics on the Paraquat client pool and questions attorneys need to ask to determine eligibility for the litigation. 

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About Paraquat Litigation Insights

It’s the most acutely toxic herbicide to be marketed over the last 60 years. Thirty-two countries have banned it, but it’s still being deployed in the United States by commercially licensed users. And despite the danger, its usage has risen nearly 200 percent since 2009.

We’re talking about Paraquat -- the dangerous plant killer linked to Parkinson’s disease.

Based on our research, less than 20% of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s who believe they were exposed to Paraquat are likely to qualify for this litigation. Law firms that don’t take the time to determine qualification from the very first outreach will end up spending a lot of valuable firm resources later.

For the past two years, SimplyConvert has helped leading firms at the forefront of the Paraquat litigation gather Paraquat clients. Working alongside these firms, continually studying the client inventory, and using that insight to make refinements has allowed SimplyConvert to develop a data and science-based set of criteria designed to increase qualified clients.

In Paraquat Litigation Insights, we share statistics on the client pool as well as questions attorneys need to ask to determine eligibility for the litigation.  

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