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In 10 Common Client Intake Blunders, we call out the client intake mistakes that law firms are still making and show how the SimplyConvert platform addresses them.

SimplyConvert Founder and CEO Jessie Hoerman calls out the client intake mistakes that law firms are still making and show you how to transform your intake to become more client-centered while engaging more clients and lowering your intake costs.

Danger in the Operating Room: Surgical Stapler Litigation and Case Criteria discusses the complexity of surgical stapler cases, tips for gathering evidence, and the criteria you should be looking for during intake.

In the Elmiron Client Profile, we share statistics on the client population to help lawyers in building their Elmiron eye injury case inventories.

SimplyConvert Founder Jessie Hoerman joins MTMP’s Women in Legal Leadership program for a panel presentation, celebrating women who have broken barriers in the area of mass torts. While honoring those trailblazers who have helped pave the way for others, this diverse panel will discuss and share strategies for promoting each other through mentoring, networking, growing your practice, and taking risks.

Data-driven insights about the Paraquat client population, along with 7 questions to help determine qualification for the litigation. Updated May 2021.

Lawyers can no longer rely on traditional intake methods to engage, convert and retain clients. In this article, Legal Tech Publishing discusses how SimplyConvert is revolutionizing intake and client conversion.

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