We're a legal-tech startup
on a mission to change law firm client intake.

SimplyConvert’s chatbots live on thousands of law firm websites, engaging potential clients in case criteria-based chats 24/7/365 and connecting people with lawyers who can help them. But we know that the technology wouldn’t exist without the real human beings with real human lives that make up our company.

At SimplyConvert, we don’t hide our human-ness — we live it out loud.

We don’t believe in asking each other for time off. Sick kid at home? We get it. Need a day to clear your head or run a few errands? Cool. Is that your exercise bike I hear in the background? Awesome – I’m heading out to take a walk in a few minutes.

We never want anyone to feel chained to a 40-hour, 8-to-5 routine. We’re flexible. We know and care about each other’s families. There’s a reason the corporate world is in our rearview mirrors.

We wholeheartedly believe that we do our best work and come up with our most innovative ideas when we’re happy, energized people that unapologetically show up to work as our authentic selves.

We’re a motley crew of eclectic personalities — attorneys, tech experts, sales and marketing folks, and client intake specialists spread from coast to coast. But make no mistake — our collective list of skillsets is carefully curated. We’re smart, down-to-earth people that don’t take ourselves too seriously. We work hard — really hard. And we have a great time doing it together.

What we share is a deep understanding of not only our clients, but our clients’ clients. We’re working to transform how law firms handle client intake.

By simplifying how firms sign clients and bringing speed, efficiency, consistency, and transparency to what was a draining process, we’re freeing lawyers to focus on lawyering.

By simplifying how people connect to legal resources that can help them obtain justice, we’re working to bridge the legal gap that exists in America today. That is work we are all proud to do.

Meet The Team

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